Thursday, February 3, 2011

Falling off the wagon already?

I said I'd post at least once a week, but I didn't publish any posts last week. I started a few, but that doesn't really count. It only counts if it is available to the public on the front page. I learned some lessons about when it is a good time to write and about setting priorities, so it wasn't a total loss.

That's another thing this blog is about, I suppose-- getting back on the horse every time I fall off. My plans for overcoming my chronic procrastination and disorganization might include being instantly successful, but the reality is a completely different thing. It's work, folks.

Today I'd like to share a few sites that I have found helpful or interesting: -- This is a sort of goal setting social network. Some people set "bucket list" goals, while others set goals like "wash all the laundry". The primary part is your list of up to 43 things (your goals), but it is a lot more than a list-- you can write entries on things you're doing or how-to guides on things you've finished, comment on other people's entries and guides, and "cheer" people on goals or entries that you like. It's a fairly social experience if you get involved. Or you can just use it as a list, if you prefer. The lists are public, but you can choose any username you like if you're worried about being found. -- This site is so simple and so beautiful to me. All there is to it is writing 750 words a day. It counts the words. You can write privately. And it compiles a bunch of statistics that are fun too. -- I used to write on a couple of different public journaling sites, but Penzu is a private online journal with optional sharing. If you're looking for a place to keep a diary on the Internet, or if you just need a place to keep notes to yourself, you might consider a Penzu journal.

Ynsee Gaelg -- This is a site where you can go to get started on learning the Manx language. What's Manx? It's a Gaelic language that used to be spoken on the Isle of Man. There's Irish, Scottish Gaelic, and Manx. Why learn it? I love learning languages for fun and I've got a friend offering his expertise in the subject. I am fascinated by the idea of language revival, so Manx is my "language of the year". I am having fun with it so far. Gaelg aboo! (Hooray for Manx!)

Also, you might notice that I have a FOCUS banner in the sidebar to the right. That's a charitable organization of Orthodox Christians. Check it out if you get a chance and consider lending your support.

And with that, I am going to publish this and get back on the wagon.

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