Monday, December 31, 2012


It's the last day of 2012. It has been over a year since my last post, which was about my resolution(s) for this year.

2012 was a good year. I did a pretty good job of following through on my One Big Resolution ("Finish what you start"), at least as far as the big things in life. I moved back to Johnstown, got a job here, and attended my first semester at the University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown (UPJ) . I finished out the semester with good grades, and I am looking forward to starting the next one soon. My follow-through on school and work was excellent this year. I am still not all that great at getting all the way through the dishes or the laundry, but I am working on that.

So, what's the One Big Resolution for 2013, my motto and mantra for the year? My first thought was to go with something like "First things first," or "Prioritize!" I was all set to declare one of those the winner even just a couple of hours ago, but I have decided to go with, "Listen to faith."

"Listen to faith" isn't necessarily a religious thing, although I am a somewhat religious person, so those connotations are welcome as well. What I mean is that when I have the choice between being hopeful and believing that things will go right, and believing the voice in my head that says that I am always wrong and nothing ever goes right, I am going to listen to the former and have a little faith-- in myself, in the people who love me, and in God. Things go wrong, but what my life has taught me is that things work out in the end. It's just remembering that things go right again that can be so hard.

I still need to prioritize and organize, for my own sanity, but those are standard-issue small resolutions. Holding on to what's important when the going gets tough, that's a big one.