Tuesday, March 15, 2011

This Week

I've been really up and down in mood lately, but I am beginning to bounce back. I have been getting some things done, so that's a plus. I've got a few specific projects for the near future on my mind right now, too.

First, I really need to get my house clean. It's a mess. There's really nothing to do about it except to just do it. I find I work well with a detailed list, but if making a list is going to get between me and actually doing something, I'll skip it and just take each room in sections.

Then I have a bloggish project of sorts in mind. It would be an extension onto the Web of one of my more annoying motherly habits. I take every opportunity to point out interesting careers to my kids. I think they are just about tired of hearing, "That's a job! That guy is getting paid to do that!" I thought perhaps I could send a few standard questions to people with different sorts of jobs and post their responses online, under the title, "That's a job".

The "That's A Job" idea sprang forth from the realization that the Employment Opportunities class I had to take in eighth grade wasn't as stupid as I thought it was at the time. We learned about some different career fields, as well as how to look for, apply for, and interview for a job. Unlike some of the other classes I had to take, I've actually used everything I learned in that class in my real life. I look at the young adults I know who never had any such class, and some of them are very lost and have a very narrow view of what they could possibly be doing, or how to get the job once they figure out what it is that they want to do. I can tackle at least part of that.

But I am going to put cleaning my house ahead of starting yet another project. It's got to come first or I'll just never do it.

In the meantime, while I am cleaning house and making lists of people who might be willing to talk about their careers, I've developed a somewhat better plan for losing some weight. I had seen a nutritionist and had gotten a food plan that was pretty flexible and seemed to be working before my inner rebel kicked in. I am going to do that and some fun exercise-- the Wii Fit Plus thing, walking when it gets warmer, and swimming at the Y from time to time. I feel extremely motivated on this point. It's time to just do it. Starting now.

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