Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Good Enough.

I suppose the best place to start something is at the beginning.

A few weeks ago, I decided on some resolutions and goals for 2011, and among those was to start a blog and post on it at least once a week. It is now nearly three weeks into 2011, and I am just getting around to starting this. I might as well confess right here at the beginning: I am a disorganized procrastinator. And I am very easily distracted. Trying to overcome those flaws, or at least work around them, will be the main theme of this blog.

After a bit of wrangling and hand-wringing, I have decided that 'Now Is Good Enough' is a good title for this blog, for two reasons:

a) I always want to wait for the perfect time to do something. If I forget, I have to wait until the next time that it is the perfect time to start. And if I mess up, I want to start over from the beginning at the perfect time. I am always waiting until Monday, until the first of the month, until I can afford new shoes, or whatever other excuse I can think of.

It turns out that "The Perfect Time" is like "The Perfect Unicorn"-- it would probably be amazing if it actually existed.

I am trying to be better at actually doing things, even if they aren't done perfectly at first. If there is something I want to work toward or something I want to do, why not do it now? Now is good enough.

b) It was one of the few blogspot addresses I tried that wasn't taken. I am glad, though, because it is the right title anyway. I just needed to dig a little deeper to find it.

So, that's the story behind the title and the reason I am doing this.

I also turned 40 a little less than a week ago, so this may be the perfect time after all, for the sake of doing things I want and trying to achieve what I want to while I am still young enough to have the time to do and try, but old enough to have a tiny bit of that 'wisdom of experience' that the older folks always talk about. We'll just have to see how that turns out.

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